5 Toilet Cleaning Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

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There is something that makes us squeamish about cleaning the toilet it has the most moisture content in the house, space is confined and requires strong cleaning products to get those nasty stains and odor off.


Everyone loves a squeaky-clean bathroom. It requires the right toilet cleaning procedure using the right cleaning products to give it that sparkle. A lot of the challenges around your toilet cleaning procedure/regimen can be eliminated with the proper usage of the correct cleaning product and more importantly, best bathroom cleaning tools. Once you learn the ways of the cleaning your toilet with the proper tools, your bathroom cleaning process will become remarkably easier.


Using the wrong tools and domestic cleaning supplies will only make your work harder. Get the good stuff; precisely the right domestic supplies that aren’t going to waste your time because of cheap quality issues.  Select all the items you need and put them in a bucket nothing more and nothing less. Be efficient and competent. Here are five toilet cleaning tools you probably don’t know about. Add these to your cleaning tools list to make your toilet cleaning regime a breeze!


Microfiber Cloths


This is a multipurpose cloth, great for dusting, cleaning and polishing. Getting a few of these will help boost your cleaning regime. This comes in handy cleaning those hard to reach spots underneath water taps and other areas. It requires very little to no water and doesn’t scratch surfaces or unsightly streaks behind. They are also great for cleaning mirrors and bathroom windows.




These handy little tools are a must-have for keeping your shower area free of mildew. They also work great on mirrors. Using a squeegee saves time, is cost-effective and can be stored very easily. It is easy to use as well. You just swipe across the area you want to be cleaned, and voila! The job is done.


Also, most bathrooms have tiles on the walls, which is the most vulnerable to moisture. Over time, the tile can hold colonies of bacteria and mold. Simply using a squeegee at the end of your shower greatly reduces the chances of growing mold.


Scrub Brush


This should go straight on your list! A sponge or cloth isn’t always going to do all the hard work; you need something that will clean the floor and tiles using minimal effort on your part. Using a heavy-duty scrub brush comes in handy when you want to get that pesky grime off your tile, tubs and fixtures.




The most obvious tool is simply the one which you will overlook. Behold, the humble toothbrush! When you need something a little more detailed and intricate than a big scrub brush to get in between those tiresome nooks and crannies, a toothbrush is a great option. You can get a new toothbrush or reuse your old ones the choice is up to you. Just make sure to disinfect your toothbrush if you are using an old one.


Disinfectant Spray and Sponge


Domestic cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes or cleaner can come in handy to keep your bathroom sparkling clean. Keep a container of disposable wipes on your bathroom sink counter or inside your bathroom cupboard and use it every day. Alternatively, you can opt to keep a bottle of disinfectant spray and a sponge handy to clean up after every use.


Ultimately, the best bathroom cleaning tools are those which does the job effortlessly and smoothly. We are one of the leading toilet cleaner manufacturers in India and formulate products that are easy and safe to clean with. We adhere to strict quality and safety standards for manufacturing our products. Head over to our product section, now!





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