5 Essential Ingredients Every Dish Wash Liquid Has That Does Not Affect You

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Ah, the chore of doing the dishes! You squeeze some of that dish detergent onto your dish, scrub it, swirl it with water and you are left with a squeaky clean dishe! Dishwash cleaning liquids and soaps are something that we use every day. Have you ever stopped to think what ingredients it contains? Something as innocent as a dish detergent bar or liquid can have potentially hazardous chemicals. These dishwashing liquid ingredients may or may not pose a danger to human health as well as the environment. But the good news is, not all ingredients are unsafe, and dish wash liquid manufactures use stringent quality checks to ensure the safety of their customers and the environment.


Here are 5 essential ingredients every dish wash liquid has that does not affect you:


Natural Surfactants or Naturally Derived Surfactants


Be it any kind of household cleaner, surfactants are necessarily needed to remove grime and oil. They work by binding with dirt and grime, aiding in effective removal by water. Nowadays, manufacturers use surfactants that are safe for your home as well as the environment and use quality control measures to ensure your product is up to your highest standards. For instance, plant-based surfactants are non-toxic and can be found in many of the environmentally safe dish detergents.
Surfactants as part of dishwashing liquid ingredients are biodegradable. Simply put, these surfactants are treated and broken down by bacteria in sewage treatment facilities before releasing it to the ocean so that they pose minimal threat to the environment.




Apart from surfactants, the next most important ingredient in a dish wash liquid is builders. It is generally found in all-purpose cleaners, as well as bulk dish washing liquids. The most basic function of builders is to soften water. Builders deal with hard-water ions during the cleaning process, allowing surfactants to do their job of removing grime effectively. For instance, sodium citrate is one of the most popular ingredient that has few or no known or suspected health or environment hazards.




Well, cleaning products come in bulk–dish washing liquid is no different. Such bulk dish washing liquid must hold their shelf life, which is why the dish detergent contain preservatives, to help protect them from growing bacteria and mold. These hard-to-pronounce preservatives like methylisothiazolinone, dimethyl-dimethyl hydantoin, benzisothiazolinone and phenoxyethanol are added so that the dish wash liquid can carry out its function in a safe and effective manner. Ingredients like sodium chloride is also added to help control the thickness of the detergent. Manufacturers test preservatives for safety and quality before adding it to the cleaning liquid.


Antimicrobial / Antibacterial Agents


As more and more consumers are concerned, they are turning to antimicrobial products to help keep their household clean and free of germs. Lots of manufacturers add antibacterial agents that can destroy bacteria and viruses on contact. Such ingredients include methylisothiazolinone, alcohol, iodine, sodium hypochlorite, pine oil, and phenolic compounds. They are found in disinfectants as well.




Solvent-based detergents are compounds containing organic solvents that strip dirt, oil, and other tough stains from the dishes. Often, solvent-based liquid dish wash incorporates an organic solvent such as limonene which is a clear, colorless liquid organic compound. Limonene is also used as a preservative-free fragrance. When applied to grimy dishes, the solvent soaks into the grime, softens it ad adheres to it. The surfactants enable the oil and grime to dissolve; the resulting goo can be cleaned by rinsing it well with water. Voila! Say hello to squeaky clean dishes.


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