6 Things Your Domestic Cleaning Products Must Have

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Cleaning plays an essential role in our daily lives. A clean home paves way for good physical and mental health. Keeping surfaces clean and free of dirt helps reduce the spreading of germs. But how do you keep your home clean? This is where domestic cleaning supplies come in. Domestic cleaning supplies consist of a series of cleaning products that aid in keeping the house and household items clean. This consists of surfaces like floors, doors, walls, windows, rugs, dishes, laundry and appliances amongst others.


No single product can provide optimum performance for all these, and that’s why there are so many different household cleaning products on the market. Each product is specifically formulated to clean different surfaces and appliance efficiently and conveniently. Some are designed for general use, such as all-purpose cleaners, which can be used for cleaning floors, tiles, dishes, etc., while others are designed to work for specific purposes, such as beaching and whitening of surfaces. It can get overwhelming to choose from the array of products available, but there are three ingredients commonly found in all domestic cleaning products—surfactants, fragrances, dyes, and preservatives. Some of the best cleaning products for housekeeping contain disinfectants, enzymes that break down organic materials and hard water mineral removers in addition to the afore-mentioned ingredients.




Also known as wetting agents, these are primarily cleaning or foaming agents. Surfactants give the product ability to adhere to and remove dirt and grime from clothes, appliances, dishes, and skin alike. Surfactants do all the heavy-duty work.


Nowadays, cleaning products manufacturers in India use surfactants that are safe for your home as well as the environment.


Fragrances and Dyes


These are added to products to make them smell and appear better. The addition of such ingredients to cleaning products makes them more appealing to the users. Customers buy their cleaning product based on their favorite scent, as over time, they begin to associate it with a clean home. Scent preferences vary from customer to customer; however, the most popular ones are citrus and floral scents.




Well, cleaning products come in bulk, and they must hold their shelf life, which is why they contain preservatives. They must be protected from growing its own bacteria and mold. These hard-to-pronounce preservatives like dimethyl-dimethyl hydantoin, benzisothiazolinone and phenoxyethanol are added to cleaning products so that they carry out their function—which is cleaning and disinfecting—in a safe and effective manner. Preservatives are tested for safety and quality before being added to a household cleaning product.




Germs are found everywhere in the house, which is why some domestic cleaning supplies contain disinfectants and antimicrobial agents. These range from ammonium compounds, pine oil, alcohols combined with distilled water, aldehydes, phenols, chlorine etc. which kill bacteria and viruses on contact.




Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins—a culture of bacteria that produce enzymes. This helps break down and digest scum and grease build up into smaller pieces. This makes them easier to remove. There are several different types of enzymes present in some of the best cleaning products for the kitchen, like for instance, build-up removers that are liquids formulated for de-clogging drains.




Removing dirt and grime using hard water can become quite a chore. Water hardness is caused by the presence of mineral salts in the water, which can evaporate and leave an unsightly mineral residue over time. Builders deal with hard-water molecules during the cleaning process, allowing surfactants to do their job of removing dirt, oils, and grime.


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Simple Things Every Toilet Cleaning Products Needs to Succeed

Toilet Cleaning Manufacturer

Cleaning our toilets is never a pleasant task. A lot of dirty stuff ends up in there, and frankly, it is the last place anyone would want to clean. But someone must do the heavy-duty work—which is why there are so many products in the market to help you remove that nasty stain from your toilet, and keep your bathroom odor-free and smelling great. The right toilet cleaner makes scrubbing a toilet so much easier and a breeze. The right product is one which helps remove stains, odors, and germs effectively, and this often includes the use of some harsh chemicals that can pose a risk to the environment. Therefore, many toilet cleaner manufacturers in India are coming up with natural and environmentally friendly toilet-bowl cleaners that lessen the risk.


Knowing what’s in your cleaning supplies is important if you are allergic to certain ingredients or just want to avoid buying products that can be damaging to the environment. Consumers are becoming more and more concerned about the kinds of products they are buying nowadays and how their decision affects them and the environment. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decipher the hard-to-pronounce ingredients on the label of the product and how it impacts them.


Following is a list of simple ingredients that every toilet cleaner liquid needs to succeed:


Chlorine Bleach


Chlorine bleach is one of the most commonly found ingredients in heavy duty toilet cleaners. It is added for its whitening and germ-killing properties. Inhaling chlorine bleach vapors can be harmful to your health; hence, it is always advised to keep the bathroom well-ventilated while cleaning it with products containing this ingredient.




One of the active ingredients in toilet cleaner is surfactants. It is a wetting agent, added to remove dirt more effectively. Surfactants primarily function by breaking down the boundary between water and grime. They hold the grime together and thereby aid in their removal. Some of the liquid toilet cleaner formulations for surfactants include sodium methyl 2-sulfolaurate and disodium 2-sulfolaurate which poses no risk to the environment and are proven to be biodegradable cutting agents.


Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide is a non-toxic agent and is used as an oxidizer and a bleaching agent. Some of the best toilet cleaning products contain this ingredient, as it is deemed safe for the environment and cleans your bathroom effectively.


Citric Acid


Citric acid is present in many “natural” toilet cleaner liquids, mainly because of the slightly acidic properties of citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges. Citrus acid binds well with minerals aiding in the better removal of mineral dirt from the surface of the toilet. Citrus acid is also a gentle cleaning agent, not harsh, and is readily biodegradable. It also has a pleasant scent to it which is why it is included in the manufacturing process. The aroma makes it preferable for household use instead of harsh chemicals.


Other Common Ingredients


Bathroom cleaners contain other common ingredients like perfumes and dyes to help the product smell and look great. Citrus fruit scents like lemon or orange are the most commonly used ones. Apart from these two, toilet cleaning supplies also contain buffers to maintain the pH balance in the water and suds suppressors to prevent excess suds from being created during the cleaning process.



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