Cleaning Hacks With Dishwashing Soap

Deep Cleaning Hacks


Dishwashing liquid is great for cleaning dishes. But it’s great for other things too! Have some dishwashing soap lying around? You won’t believe all the uses it has! With these clever hacks, you can use your dishwashing soap for so many things all over your home. If you are into all things DIY, then this one is for you!

1. Ice Pack


Fill a Ziplock bag with dishwashing liquid and place it in the freezer for at least an hour. Use it as an icepack. You can adjust the size of the Ziplock bag according to your needs. As with any other ice pack, remember to place a towel and then place the dishwashing liquid-filled Ziplock ice pack on top of the towel to prevent any ice burns.

2. Jewelry Cleaner


Polishing jewelry with hazardous cleaners is not only detrimental to the precious metal but to your health also. Instead, try soaking the jewelry in a mixture of soda and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.  After the effervesce created through the chemical reaction of the active ingredients disappears, take a small soft brush (or a toothbrush) and gently brush any excess dirt off your jewelry. Rinse it in clean room temperature water.  Your jewelry will shine!


3. Get Rid Of Tough Stains From Your Laundry

It can be tough to remove grease stains on your beloved clothes. Try spot treating the oil or grease spot with undiluted dishwashing soap before loading it in the washing machine. Oil, grease or paint stains can be easily removed with dishwashing liquid. Ideally, let your clothes sit for a day after rubbing a bit of the dishwashing liquid, and then wash your clothes on the normal cycle setting in your washing machine. Alternatively, you can also handwash your clothes.


4. Clean Your Chimney Filters

There is no need to call the specialist for cleaning your chimney filters! You can do it right at home, by yourself. Fill a shallow dish with hot water and pour some dishwashing liquid (the trick is to be generous!) and some baking soda. Remove the filters from your chimney and soak it in this solution for half an hour, up to one hour. Take a brush and scrub it thoroughly. Clean it with running cold water, until the water runs clear. After drying, return them to the chimney. We recommend repeating the process every two months. Make sure your chimney runs efficiently by cleaning the filters.


5. Fix Squeaky Doors and Windows


Squeaking doors, windows and cabinet hinges can be annoying, especially when you have a baby in the house! Imagine—just as the baby goes to sleep, you open the door, forgetting for a second that it squeaks! What happens then? Of course, the baby wakes up! This leads to another two hours of you comforting your baby when you could have slept yourself. To all the mothers out there, you have got our respect!
We have got a simple solution for you—just rub some dish soap between the hinges and fix those squeaky doors instantly! No need to get the hinges changed!


6. Weedkiller


Weed is every garden owner’s nightmare. Most people resort to toxic substances that are harmful to the environment, humans and house pets. There is no need to use chemical weed killers—your dishwashing liquid can do the job for you!
Combine one teaspoon dishwashing liquid with one tablespoon salt and one tablespoon vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on weeds. Within a few days, there will be no weeds to weed out! You can use this hack to get rid of plant pests also.

7. Window Cleaner

If you want sparkling windows, all you need is a solution of dishwashing soap and lots of newspapers! Combine a tablespoon drops of dish soap with some water in a spray bottle. Spray and clean your windows with the newspapers for a (literally) squeaky clean experience.

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