Few Things Your Dish Wash Liquid Must Have

Dish Wash Liquid

An effective dish wash formula has several parts. As you may already know, the main ingredients are usually surfactants, enzymes, and builders. Effective dish wash cleaners usually have a diverse set of ingredients, which all work harmoniously together to remove dirt and grime from dishes.


Knowing what’s in your domestic cleaning supplies is important if you are allergic to certain ingredients in detergents and cleaning liquids, or if you want to avoid certain ingredients. Consumers have become much more concerned about the kinds of products they are buying over the years and how their decision affects them and the environment. It can be difficult to decipher the hard-to-pronounce ingredients on the label of the product and how it impacts them. The ingredients that manufacturers use to make cleaning agents and detergent liquids change periodically, either due to reformulation or simply using an alternative ingredient to cut costs.


So, what’s in your dish wash liquid anyway? What are the few things your dish wash cleaner must have? The following list of ingredients are the most commonly used and should give you a good idea of what’s really inside your cleaning products.




One of the active ingredients in dish wash cleaning agents is surfactants. It is a wetting agent, added to remove dirt from dishes and other household cleaning supplies. Surfactantsprimarily function by breaking down the boundary between water and oils or dirt. They hold these oils and dirt together and thereby aid in their removal.


Different types of synthetic or biodegradable surfactants are used. Some class of surfactants are very slow to biodegrade; hence they are not used nowadays. Whereas other class—known as LAS, that are the most commonly used surfactants—biodegrade slowly and do not pose that much a risk to the environment, being of low to moderate toxicity.




Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that break down stains into smaller bits. This makes them easier to remove. There are several different types of enzymes present in your dish wash cleaner, each of which works in tandem to break down and remove stains.




If you have ever washed your dishes in hard water, then you will know how difficult a process it is to remove grime from the dishes. Builders deal with hard-water molecules during the cleaning process, allowing surfactants to do their job of removing oils and grimes. So, the harder the water, the more builders your dish wash cleanser should have.


Other Common Ingredients


Detergent liquids also contain other ingredients, such as perfumes and dyes to help you’re the product smell and look great. The common scent used is lemon or orange. Apart from these two, domestic cleaning supplies also contain buffers to maintain the pH balance in the water and suds suppressors to prevent excess suds from being created during the cleaning process.


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