How Can You Save Your Clothes From Fading?

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Keep your black clothes looking black, and not gray, by following the tips below!


What contributes to the fading of your clothes? The kind of water, the friction, the detergent, and the drying process—all of these contribute to pulling that beautiful color from your favorite shirt. How does one keep the colors from fading? Keep your favorite pink shirt from looking like a faded rag cloth by following the tips given below!


The best way to keep your clothes from fading is to wash your clothes as gently as possible. The kind of detergent you use also plays a major role in keeping your clothes as good as new. So, make sure you buy your laundry essentials of a good detergent company. It is also best to hand wash all the clothes, as much as possible. But since hand-washing isn’t always practical, here are a few tips on how to wash clothes in the machine. Follow these tips to help your clothes last longer and look brighter.


Read Care Instruction Label Carefully


As soon as you buy your favorite dress, lookout for care instructions. They are there for a reason. Do not put dry wash clothes in the washing machine. It will only lead to wrinkled and ruined clothes.


Wash Dark Colors Together


Sort clothes by color and wash dark clothes together. Also, wash white separately. This will prevent intermixing of colors and keep that white shirt looking crisp–just the way it is.


Turn Your Clothes Inside Out


You may think what difference it makes, turning the clothes inside out since your garment is going to be soaked in the detergent water anyway. Well, it makes a word of difference. It protects the outside of your garment by preventing friction and tear and shields it from the tumbling motion of the washing machine. This helps prevent breaking down of fibers which leads to fading, snagging, lost buttons, and snagged zippers.


Always Wash Clothes in Cold Water


Cold water is better for washing, as it helps keep the fibers in dark fabrics from fading. Also, do not rinse your clothes in a long wash cycle. Choose the shortest wash cycle possible. The lesser time your clothes spend in the machine, the more brighter they will be.


Spot Treat Between Washes


Do not wash your clothes if you have worn it only for a couple of hours. It may sound gross, but letting it hang to air dry is enough to keep it fresh. Unless your clothes are really dirty, or you just came back from the gym, you can go a couple of times without washing. If you got a spill or any stain, try spot-treating them using a little detergent and water, or a stain remover. Gently blot the affected area with a washcloth and let it air dry.


Hang to Dry


If you have a dryer, it is better to forgo it in favor of line drying. Hang your clothes to dry in a shaded area, and away from sunlight. If you do need to use a dryer, make sure to use the lowest temperature setting to avoid wear and tear and over-drying.


Use Detergent from a Good Detergent Company


If you want to avoid faded clothing and make sure the colors stay put for as long as possible, wash using a gentle detergent from a good detergent company. There are several detergents on the market from leading liquid detergent manufacturing companies that are specially formulated to prevent faded clothing.


Consider Using a Fabric Conditioner


Using a good fabric conditioner helps clothes look fresh, shiny, and brand new, for a longer period of time. It provides a coating to the fibers of the fabric during the wash, so they don’t break down as easily.  It helps to retain the color of the clothes and stop them from looking faded. It helps prevent damage and dye loss, thereby keeping the clothes looking bright and new for longer. Most liquid detergent manufacturing companies produce fabric conditioners that have the above properties.


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