What to Expect From a Good Toilet Cleaner While Cleaning

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We have all asked the same question at one point or another – how do I clean the toilet effectively while minimizing the time I spend in cleaning the toilet? The toilet is indisputably one of the most-used places in your home—and the messiest. But you needn’t dedicate all your time in making your toilet squeaky clean if you have the right cleaning products. All you need is an effective toilet bowl cleaner along with some basic cleaning products to make your toilet shine!


Here is what to expect from a good toilet cleaner while cleaning:


Ease of use


Many toilet cleaner manufacturers have come up with cleaning products that are easy to use. Sometimes, all it takes is just a small pouch in the tank to put the cleaning on autopilot process, which means your toilet gets cleaned each time you flush. There’s no need for scrubbing, and depending upon the domestic cleaning supply, each product lasts for up to 12 weeks.


A good bowl cleaner should do the job in less time. That is one of the pre-requisites that customers look for in toilet cleaner manufacturers—domestic cleaning supplies that are easy to work with and doesn’t need a lot of time in scrubbing.


Give it a trial


Before buying any domestic cleaning supply, it is always good to give it a trial first. For instance, if you are going to buy a product which takes off the stains from a toilet for the first time, use it on your toilet surface to see not only whether you like the product but also whether you are allergic to any ingredient. So, rather than buying your bowl cleaner in bulk, it is wiser to buy a smaller package to check how the product works for you. You can buy more if you are satisfied with the results.


Keep an eye on harmful ingredients


A good toilet cleaner should be free of or at least mostly free from toxic chemicals. In today’s lifestyle, it is near to impossible to avoid chemicals in cleaning products, which is all the more reason to keep an eye on harmful chemicals. Steer clear of ingredients derived from ethoxylates, which can be damaging.


Here is a simple tip—try to buy products which has citric acid in it. It comes under the category of “natural” toilet cleaners. It is also a gentle cleaning agent; the acidic properties of the citric fruit aiding in the cleansing process effectively. And hey, if you are Googling “how to clean a stained toilet”, well look no further, as citrus acid helps remove harsh stain and odors from your toilet surface. Bonus: it leaves a fresh pleasant scent after use, that makes it all the more appealing.


Be wary of the ingredients, know your ingredients and after buying a cleaning product, always read manufacturer’s instructions. Always make it a point to read the label before buying anything be it a toilet cleaner or detergent, or any other domestic cleaning supply. Also, store your cleaning products safely, away from the reach of children.


We, at Savon Care, are one of the best detergent companies in India, responsible for making azo-free products. Head over to our product section, to have a look at our cleaning products now!


Solutions To All Your Cleaning Problems

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Maintaining hygiene is now a top priority not only in homes but also in public places. When we speak about hygiene the first thing that strikes our mind is toilets. But maintaining hygiene is more about cleaning problems related to laundry, bathing, floors, surroundings, cars, pets, dish & cutlery, furniture, computers, public transport and virtually anything with which we come into contact with.


It should, therefore, be clear that cleaning should be the top priority for many of us and no one cleaning product can serve all cleaning purposes entirely. Though there are endless varieties of products available in the market, the basic ingredient that constitutes a cleaning product is either soap or detergent. However, the manufacture of cleaning products has become a complex process with more specialised products being introduced on a regular basis with added materials that enhance the cleaning power.


Domestic Cleaning Supplies – Current Scenario


The earliest of domestic cleaning supplies form factor used to be solid cakes or powders, but this is changing in favor of liquid. It is worthwhile to know that liquid detergents pack more cleaning power and is amenable to the concentration at higher levels. This is a big advantage to consumers because it cuts costs and potentially puts the quantity required for cleaning in the hands of the users. Liquid detergent is not only convenient to use but also solves many health-related cleaning problems.


The domestic cleaning supplies business is now becoming more and more specialised unlike yesteryears when soaps and detergents ruled firmly in the market. Thus today we have separate cleaning solutions for hand washing, face washing, hair washing, bathing, dishwashing, pet care and laundry and so on. The products that one can see in retail shops and online marketplaces are almost endless. This is a big advantage for consumers and manufacturers alike.


Here are a few specialised cleaning products commonly found in retail stores.


  1. Domestic hand wash – Hand wash are liquid cleaning solutions that are mostly used to wash the hands. These are used in restaurants, homes, airports.
  2. Bulk dishwashing liquid – this is a specialized solution for washing utensils at home and restaurants and generally help to save time when used in automated dishwashing machines. In India, dishwashing machines are not common, but restaurants use them extensively. Restaurants are the main users of bulk dishwashing liquid and come in a concentrated liquid form factor.
  3. Hospital hand washes – Hospital hand wash though is a soap or detergent has some added ingredients that normal household don’t generally need. The advantage of a specialised hospital hand wash is that it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungicide agents that help to kill diseases causing germs and bacteria. Hospitals generally prefer it.
  4. Liquid laundry solutions – this is a common product that you will never miss in a retail store. The market for liquid laundry solution is on the rise as more household are turning towards machine laundering. Within this segment are also available other subcategories such as for front-loading machines and top-loading machines. The choice is really yours. The market for laundry cleaning solutions is really extensive and is also highly specialised with special products earmarked for cotton, wool and synthetic clothes.


Shopping for Cleaning Products


With so many brands and multiple genres competing in the domestic cleaning supplies segment each claiming to be better than its competition; there is every reason to feel lost in the wild. As a consumer, there is some experimenting that you have to do to check manufacturers’ claims and whether it works appropriately for your needs. The best way out for consumers is to try a small sample and evaluate it. Here is what you need to do:


  1. Buy only small packs and then switch to a larger one if you are fully satisfied.
  2. Read instructions carefully before you buy – there is every possibility that the negative impact of a product is hidden in fine print.
  3. Compare products before you order and calculate the price advantage/disadvantage.

6 Cleaning-product Myths that Deserve to be debunked

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Like in many human endeavors, myths about cleaning and cleaning products galore too. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”


Here are 6 myths about cleaning and cleaning products that every one of us should understand. The purpose of this article is to debunk the myths and put facts in its right perspective.


Hand Washing Myths


  1. If using soap or a liquid hand wash, it does not matter how long I rub. This is far from the truth. Scientific to use say that soaps or liquid hand wash take anywhere between 20 to 30 seconds to remove the bacteria. This is the lower time factor; to make it totally effective, you should let the cleaner stay for at least 45 seconds. The longer the better.
  2. Hand sanitizer with alcohol content is a good replacement for liquid or soap cleaners. This again is not true. Hand sanitizers serve a different purpose – to kill bacteria and not remove grease or dirt. If your hands are clean from grease and dirt and the purpose is only to kill the bacteria then this is alright. But if liquid hand wash can serve both purposes, why have one for killing bacteria and another for removing grease and dirt?
  3. Warm water is more effective when combined with liquid hand wash. Not true; at least that is what scientific evidences prove. Hand washing solutions are effective across a wide range of temperatures, and believe, even cold water can give you superb protection, provided you follow the right hand cleaning practices.


Laundry Myths


  1. More laundry solutions make fibers whiter and cleaner. More is not merrier in laundry; the rule has the right quantity. Extra laundry washing solutions actually create more suds and unfortunately redeposit soil back into cloths. Use only recommended quantities.
  2. Adding chlorine bleach enhances the power of laundry washing solution. Not at all true; bleach and washing solutions perform very different functions – bleach is for removing stain and unwanted colouring whereas laundry washing solutions remove both stain and dirt. Bleach is actually a highly corrosive substance and can potentially damage expensive cloths.
  3. Dry cleaning is done without the use of any liquid (including water). Dry cleaning is not all dry, but uses liquids that are not water. The most commonly used dry cleaning liquid is perchlorethylene or a similar type of solvent. Some dry cleaners use a combination of solvents.


Taking Care of Garments – Tips


Some garments can be really expensive to buy and not everyone has the luxury to replace their wardrobe every now and then. Most of the aging process in cloths can be prevented by using proper laundry practices. Here are few tips to follow to enhance the life of cloths.


  1. Always use a tried and tested laundry cleaning solution. Use only the right quantity that your manufacturer recommends.
  2. Avoid the use of hot water (or even warm). Water at higher temperatures actually damages the that make up the garment. Laundry processes are best done at room temperatures.
  3. Don’t use bleach on clothes. Bleaches are only for removing stain and does not remove dirt or grease either. Secondly they weaken the fabric extensively thereby reducing the cloths clothes.


Use only trusted brands of cloth washing solutions. lifetime is cleaning products manufacturers in India that sell quality washing solutions in convenient packing sizes. Contact a for bulk buying.

Build a Cleaning Products Business Focused on Giving Customers a Unique Experience

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Hygiene is too important to be ignored and people are nowadays taking it seriously and provide substantially for it in the monthly family budget. This is one of many reasons why you see so many cleaning products in provision/grocery and departmental stores these days. When you view it from a different perspective, it is a big opportunity for retail grocery stores to increase sales and profit.


Broadly speaking, cleaning products include soaps for bath, fabric wash, floor cleaners, dishwashing, car washing and toilet cleaning. Household cleaning products basically come in two forms – liquid (solution) and cakes (solid). Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but the liquid form is the more trending because it is convenient to use, is more powerful and quick reacting and wastage is minimum. From what we see around stores, the preference for liquid form is widespread and shoppers, when they have an option, always opt for liquid detergents.


A Unique Opportunity for Resellers


It is not just the retail stores that benefit; distributors, wholesalers and resellers also gain from increased sales turnover in household cleaning products segment. If you fall in one of the above categories, we will recommend you to include household cleaning products in your product profile. As a distributor or reseller, retail stores are not the only channel available to do business – bigger opportunities are also available for distributing bulk dishwashing liquid to restaurants, hospitals; and fabric washing liquid to the commercial laundry businesses.


If you are a solo-entrepreneur and just about to setup a retail business, then distributing the best household cleaning products is a major line of activity that you shouldn’t ignore. For example, you can consider bulk dishwashing liquid repacking. There are myriad ways in which you can innovatively repack and repurpose the product. You can repack it into sachets, squeeze bottles, 100/200/500/1000 millilitre packs and sell through online stores such as Flipkart or Amazon for instance. There is no limit to what you can really do. The sky is the limit and you will never go wrong. Yet another benefit is you don’t have to spend on setting up a business from scratch – everything, from delivering to getting your payments is taken take by the online stores.


Sourcing Household Cleaning Products


Sourcing the right kind of Domestic cleaning products is not a rocket science and the first question that will rattle your mind is “Where to buy cleaning supplies cheap?” For this you can contact a detergent company of repute directly and find out whether they will be willing to give you a range of products in bulk packing – but remember not to fall for any product that focuses only on cheapness – choose only the best household products and win consumers’ confidence. Try it yourself – nothing can be better than this.


If the manufacturer is willing to give you packs as per your preference; all the good for you – you will save enormously; take my word for this. This is important because, what you put at stake is your brand name and the future of your business. Poor quality products that don’t match consumer expectations, or your claims, can work against building a solid reputation and can take a heavy toll on replacements. The magic rule is give value to what you sell, and consumers will keep coming back to you again and again.


The best source is always the manufacturer who has a wide range of cleaning products such as: fabric wash and softener, floor cleaners, dishwashing liquid, toilet cleaner and hand wash liquid – the more the better.


Focus on Consumer Expectations


As a reseller, your first focus should be your customers and you must strive to deliver best cleaning products in 2018. Secondly give your customers a variety of options – different pack sizes, a freebie like best use practice, good user manual and even a few small free samples of your other products. It is an incentive to push sales of products you think is not moving fast enough.


Always keep a tab on shifting consumer preferences; it can change dramatically in terms of appearance, experience, pack size and even the touch and feel.


We at Savon Care, formulate products that are highly sophisticated and clean well. We are one of the best detergent company in India manufacturing domestic cleaning supplies which are less in chemicals and AZO free.

5 Toilet Cleaning Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

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There is something that makes us squeamish about cleaning the toilet it has the most moisture content in the house, space is confined and requires strong cleaning products to get those nasty stains and odor off.


Everyone loves a squeaky-clean bathroom. It requires the right toilet cleaning procedure using the right cleaning products to give it that sparkle. A lot of the challenges around your toilet cleaning procedure/regimen can be eliminated with the proper usage of the correct cleaning product and more importantly, best bathroom cleaning tools. Once you learn the ways of the cleaning your toilet with the proper tools, your bathroom cleaning process will become remarkably easier.


Using the wrong tools and domestic cleaning supplies will only make your work harder. Get the good stuff; precisely the right domestic supplies that aren’t going to waste your time because of cheap quality issues.  Select all the items you need and put them in a bucket nothing more and nothing less. Be efficient and competent. Here are five toilet cleaning tools you probably don’t know about. Add these to your cleaning tools list to make your toilet cleaning regime a breeze!


Microfiber Cloths


This is a multipurpose cloth, great for dusting, cleaning and polishing. Getting a few of these will help boost your cleaning regime. This comes in handy cleaning those hard to reach spots underneath water taps and other areas. It requires very little to no water and doesn’t scratch surfaces or unsightly streaks behind. They are also great for cleaning mirrors and bathroom windows.




These handy little tools are a must-have for keeping your shower area free of mildew. They also work great on mirrors. Using a squeegee saves time, is cost-effective and can be stored very easily. It is easy to use as well. You just swipe across the area you want to be cleaned, and voila! The job is done.


Also, most bathrooms have tiles on the walls, which is the most vulnerable to moisture. Over time, the tile can hold colonies of bacteria and mold. Simply using a squeegee at the end of your shower greatly reduces the chances of growing mold.


Scrub Brush


This should go straight on your list! A sponge or cloth isn’t always going to do all the hard work; you need something that will clean the floor and tiles using minimal effort on your part. Using a heavy-duty scrub brush comes in handy when you want to get that pesky grime off your tile, tubs and fixtures.




The most obvious tool is simply the one which you will overlook. Behold, the humble toothbrush! When you need something a little more detailed and intricate than a big scrub brush to get in between those tiresome nooks and crannies, a toothbrush is a great option. You can get a new toothbrush or reuse your old ones the choice is up to you. Just make sure to disinfect your toothbrush if you are using an old one.


Disinfectant Spray and Sponge


Domestic cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes or cleaner can come in handy to keep your bathroom sparkling clean. Keep a container of disposable wipes on your bathroom sink counter or inside your bathroom cupboard and use it every day. Alternatively, you can opt to keep a bottle of disinfectant spray and a sponge handy to clean up after every use.


Ultimately, the best bathroom cleaning tools are those which does the job effortlessly and smoothly. We are one of the leading toilet cleaner manufacturers in India and formulate products that are easy and safe to clean with. We adhere to strict quality and safety standards for manufacturing our products. Head over to our product section, now!





How to Choose Cleaning Products for Your Home or Offices?

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The long array of cleaning products on the shelves of the supermarket can make it a bit daunting to choose the best cleaning product for your home or office. It can take quite a little bit of research to know just what exactly is in the household products you are considering buying. Also, the endless bottles and wipes can make you go “Will this actually work?”


Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of chemicals in a cleaning product like a drain opener, for instance, which is often strong enough to dissolve hard clumps of hair and other dirt and grime? The chemicals in domestic cleaning supplies that leave your dishes sparkling clean and lemony fresh may also be doing damage to your health. But when you are faced with rows and rows of household cleaning products all neatly packed and stocked, it can be hard to know how to buy cleaning products that are non-toxic to your home, office or family. Very few household products have labels that spell out the names of the chemicals they contain, and even if they do, most of the time, we don’t know what that chemical does. So here are a few tips on how to choose the cleaning products for your home or office.


The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while shopping for household cleaning products for your home and office is the label. Just because the product is labeled as “Natural”, “Non-Toxic” or “Eco-Friendly”, doesn’t mean that it is. Have a look at the ingredients list and judge for yourself. As a rule of thumb, try to avoid products containing the following ingredients:

• Synthetic Sulfates
• Artificial fragrance and phthalates
• Petrochemical solvents and formaldehydes
• Ethoxylates
• Artificial dyes
• Parabens
• Phosphates
• Triclosan

Thanks to research and studies, we know that some chemicals cause disruptive changes in hormone system, and also causes mental health disorders. Some chemicals even affect fertility, leading to still births and miscarriages. Some of the most dangerous chemicals are ingredients derived from ethoxylates. These chemical compounds have even been linked to cancer and disruptions the endocrine system.


Unfortunately, not everything on the store shelf is designed to be safe. That is why you need to keep an eye out for these ingredients. Many products contain corrosive, toxic chemicals that cleans well, but certainly isn’t health-friendly. These toxic chemicals can leave behind residues, which can be dangerous, especially if they come in contact with food surfaces and are ingested.


Be considerate and wary of the ingredients, know your ingredients and make it a point to always read the label before buying anything. Also, keep in mind that safe storage is vital for all domestic cleaning products, especially if you little kids running around. Always make sure you store your domestic cleaning supplies in a baby-proof shelf, because even products that may seem safe can require medical intervention.


We, at Savon Care, are committed to the spreading of knowledge related to cleaning supplies. We want to address the knowledge gap and help consumers make better informed decisions when it comes to buying from detergent companies. We believe it is our responsibility, when it comes to educating the masses regarding the danger of chemicals in cleaning products. Fret not, healthy home cleaning supplies do exist, as we are one of the best detergent company in India, responsible for making azo-free products. Head over to our product section, now!

6 Things Your Domestic Cleaning Products Must Have

• Domestic Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning plays an essential role in our daily lives. A clean home paves way for good physical and mental health. Keeping surfaces clean and free of dirt helps reduce the spreading of germs. But how do you keep your home clean? This is where domestic cleaning supplies come in. Domestic cleaning supplies consist of a series of cleaning products that aid in keeping the house and household items clean. This consists of surfaces like floors, doors, walls, windows, rugs, dishes, laundry and appliances amongst others.


No single product can provide optimum performance for all these, and that’s why there are so many different household cleaning products on the market. Each product is specifically formulated to clean different surfaces and appliance efficiently and conveniently. Some are designed for general use, such as all-purpose cleaners, which can be used for cleaning floors, tiles, dishes, etc., while others are designed to work for specific purposes, such as beaching and whitening of surfaces. It can get overwhelming to choose from the array of products available, but there are three ingredients commonly found in all domestic cleaning products—surfactants, fragrances, dyes, and preservatives. Some of the best cleaning products for housekeeping contain disinfectants, enzymes that break down organic materials and hard water mineral removers in addition to the afore-mentioned ingredients.




Also known as wetting agents, these are primarily cleaning or foaming agents. Surfactants give the product ability to adhere to and remove dirt and grime from clothes, appliances, dishes, and skin alike. Surfactants do all the heavy-duty work.


Nowadays, cleaning products manufacturers in India use surfactants that are safe for your home as well as the environment.


Fragrances and Dyes


These are added to products to make them smell and appear better. The addition of such ingredients to cleaning products makes them more appealing to the users. Customers buy their cleaning product based on their favorite scent, as over time, they begin to associate it with a clean home. Scent preferences vary from customer to customer; however, the most popular ones are citrus and floral scents.




Well, cleaning products come in bulk, and they must hold their shelf life, which is why they contain preservatives. They must be protected from growing its own bacteria and mold. These hard-to-pronounce preservatives like dimethyl-dimethyl hydantoin, benzisothiazolinone and phenoxyethanol are added to cleaning products so that they carry out their function—which is cleaning and disinfecting—in a safe and effective manner. Preservatives are tested for safety and quality before being added to a household cleaning product.




Germs are found everywhere in the house, which is why some domestic cleaning supplies contain disinfectants and antimicrobial agents. These range from ammonium compounds, pine oil, alcohols combined with distilled water, aldehydes, phenols, chlorine etc. which kill bacteria and viruses on contact.




Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins—a culture of bacteria that produce enzymes. This helps break down and digest scum and grease build up into smaller pieces. This makes them easier to remove. There are several different types of enzymes present in some of the best cleaning products for the kitchen, like for instance, build-up removers that are liquids formulated for de-clogging drains.




Removing dirt and grime using hard water can become quite a chore. Water hardness is caused by the presence of mineral salts in the water, which can evaporate and leave an unsightly mineral residue over time. Builders deal with hard-water molecules during the cleaning process, allowing surfactants to do their job of removing dirt, oils, and grime.


We, at Savon Care, are one of the leading cleaning products manufacturers in India. We formulate highly sophisticated products that enable cleaning of household products a breeze. Head over to our products section to have a peek at cleaning products every home should have, now!

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