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Dish Washing Liquid Methods

Whether you wash your dishes regularly or wash the bulk of them in a dishwasher, having a domestic cleaning supply that works well means less work for you.
Here are a few methods to test the quality before buying bulk dishwashing liquid:


1. The Scrub Test

Take a pre-soiled dish, preferably one that is grubby with rice starch, egg yolk stains, and cheese.
Soak it in a warm solution of your preferred domestic cleaning supply for 10 minutes before scrubbing it with a wet sponge or stainless-steel scrub. Wipe it clean with a dishcloth. Check how clean your dish is and answer the following questions:

  • Is your dish fully clean?
  • Is your dish shiny?
  • Is your dish sparkling?
  • Does it have a nice aroma?
  • Did the dishwashing liquid wash completely off your dish?
  • Does it work well in cold water?
  • Did it require minimal scrubbing on your part?

If the answer to the above questions is a “yes”, then the dishwashing liquid is of good quality, and it is safe to buy bulk dishwashing liquid of that brand.


2. The Foam Test

Using a small amount of dishwashing liquid in a large quantity of water, wash your grubby and grimy dishes and count the number of dishes cleaned until all the foam in the basin disappears. This test is based on the fact that dish wash liquid manufacturers use cleaning agents called surfactants that are better at creating foam. This doesn’t always mean that they clean better. You must check whether the dishwashing liquid is equally good at removing dirt and grime from the dishes. Foam doesn’t necessarily equate better performance. That is why it is important to check whether the foamy dishwashing liquid is good for removing the grimy dishes as well.
Rather than measuring the foam in your washing up water, you must watch out how well the cleaning liquid cleans. This test will actually show you how well the detergent removes greasy dirt from your dishes. do not count out foam completely though, it is still important as it helps prevent dirt, oil, and food scraps from being redistributed on your plates. However, grime removal is ultimately the best indication of top-performing dishwashing detergent.
Overall weight should be given to the scrub test.


Is The Dishwashing Liquid Environmentally Friendly? 

More and more home cleaning products manufacturer in India are becoming environmentally conscious nowadays—which is a good thing. Dish wash liquid manufacturers are coming up with formulations that are eco-friendly and azo free. The problems posed by chemical detergents are solved by biodegradable detergents. There is a growing market for eco-friendly products nowadays and such biodegradable detergents in India are preferred by the environmentally conscious.
Is your dishwashing liquid environmentally friendly? This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself. A step in the eco-friendly direction is good for you as well as for our earth.
Biodegradable dishwashing detergents are great for washing and have a pleasant aroma too, due to the natural ingredients used. It does not harm your hands. Moreover, it poses minimal threat to the environment as it decomposes within a couple of months. These detergents contain active ingredients that are safe to use. They protect your dishwashing appliance as well. Such cleaning products are effective in cold water and thus saving energy.


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