The Effects of Unsanitary Toilet Conditions at Schools on Girls Education

cleanliness in school

Schools are places where a large number of girls assemble for education and spend up to seven or more hours daily. Physical contact between students is unavoidable and hygiene and cleanliness in schools should therefore be a major concern for the school’s management, especially this is more important in the case of girls whose requirements are different from those of boys. Two important facilities that school administrators have to keep for maintaining cleanliness in school is the toilet and water facilities.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools– the Importance


Water and toilets are places that breed bacteria and spread diseases. Toilets must therefore be cleaned at least three times a day during the period students use it. Maintaining proper hygiene in toilets can be achieved by using a good and effective product from a toilet cleaner manufacturer of repute. A good detergent company can supply an effective tested product. Liquid cleaners are generally preferred because they are more effective and easy to use.


Maintenance of school toilets is simply a matter of following , on the other hand schools must therefore put a cleaning schedule in practice that must be followed rigidly. At the same time, schools should educate risk groups in the first through fifth classes on how they can protect themselves by using toilets properly.


Water on the other hand may be a little difficult to handle because untreated water when consumed or used can spread diseases easily. Water provided for drinking purposes must therefore be treated using a commercially viable process such as RO. RO processed water is almost zero-bacteria and therefore is the preferred route that many schools put to use for providing cleaning drinking water.


When good water sanitation and hygiene is maintained, fewer students fall sick and prevent absenteeism to a great extent. Providing cleanliness in schools encourage better enrolment and higher level of performances in girl students. Hygienically maintained schools are great incentives for parents to choose a school.


Sanitation in and Around the School


Little we need to emphasise the importance of maintaining hygiene not only within the school premises but also around the school. Most often the source of infection and bacteria is around the perimeter of the school where potentially there is the possibility of households dumping large quantities of garbage. If there is a hospital around or in the vicinity, schools should ensure that medical garbage is not dumped around. Medical garbage is a big threat. Talk to the hospital administration and ensure that they have a safe medical disposal programme in place.


Stray animals are also potential threat to maintaining cleanliness and it is a good idea to see that homeless dogs and cats are not around. There are many non-government organisations that can help you to prevent the presence of stray animals in the vicinity.


Positive Impacts of Water Sanitation and Hygiene on Girls


Our emphasis is on girls because they are more likely to be neglected by conservative communities in a male-dominated society.

  1. Girl attendance in schools increase
  2. Performance is better and produces quality citizens
  3. A great message is taken to home
  4. Pressures on public healthcare system drops
  5. Parents start to send their girls more willingly


Effects of Unhygienic Conditions on School-Bound Girls


When schools don’t maintain toilets properly, the end result is that girls avoid using it and instead start to use the open space around the school. In extreme cases where not even the minimum facility of a toilet is provided girls more than boys avoid schools altogether because of cultural obligations and restrictions. Providing a proper toilet is therefore a great incentive for school-bound girls to attend schools and enjoy the benefits of good education.


It is not just the attendance in schools that drops; more importantly it has national repercussions such as girl-child illiteracy, higher female mortality, lower life expectancy and overall poverty in families.


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