Which Is Best for Hand Wash: Bar Soap or Liquid Hand Wash?

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Since the first day of school, we have been taught to wash our hands frequently using soap. Hence, soap is an important part of our daily lives. From time immemorial, the market consisted of only bar soap. However, during recent years, the advancement of liquid hand wash manufacturers has made its way, and everyone is now left with the question – Which is best for washing hands: bars or liquid hand wash? Let us examine the pros and cons of each.


We wash our hands with soap—bar or liquid—because we want to protect ourselves from disease-causing germs and bacteria. Also, the primary reason why we wash our hands is to prevent the spread of germs. The truth of the matter is that bacteria are actually present in a bar of used soap. But studies have found that washing your hands with a bar of contaminated soap doesn’t make any difference—in fact, it dislodges them, preventing the spread of germs. Research has it that no measurable bacteria were found on hands washed with contaminated bar and that it did not lead to the transfer of bacteria from the bar to the skin. The study concluded that bars were safe and recommended for use when washing hands to prevent the spread of disease.


Liquid wash has long been promoted as having anti-microbial properties—in fact, since the start of its introduction. This is has contributed to its popularity and sales. Also, unlike bars, liquid hand wash is dispensed from plastic bottles in individual pumps in order to cleanse the hands. This naturally makes liquid soap the more sanitary option since it is dispensed in single-use measures. The remaining product which is contained within the bottle remains untouched. So it is more convenient when it comes to liquid soap compared to using a bar. Also, liquid wash contains moisturizers, negating the often-cited advantage of using liquid soap as opposed to bars, which is said to have a harsh and drying effect on the skin.


Let’s have a look at what’s inside both the products. Most liquid washes are made of petroleum products. And bar soaps? They are made of saponified animal fat and plant oils—at least, the traditional ones are.


So, which is really better? It all boils down to personal choice. Liquid soaps are more convenient to use and are gentler to the hands.


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