Which is Best? Hand Wash or Alcohol Based Sanitizers

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Disease-causing germs and bacteria are present almost everywhere. It is up to us to protect ourselves from the deadly bacteria and viruses. This includes washing your hands with a simple liquid soap or rubbing hands with alcohol-based sanitizers when soap and water are not available. There has always been a debate which is the best between washing hand with soap and wiping hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.


Let us first analyze the functionality between hand soap and hand sanitizers. When washing hands with soap the bacteria’s are not killed but the dirt and germ get dislodged and suspended in water.


Hand sanitizers on the other hand which contains 60% or more alcohol are proven to kill bacteria and viruses. It works by disrupting the cell membrane of the bacterium thereby exposing the germ to die instantly. Hand sanitizers may not be effective if you have visible dirt in your hands.


The need for hand wash and hand sanitizers depends upon the situations.


When to Use Hand Wash Over Hand Sanitizers


In many situations, a simple washing of hands with liquid soap is enough to keep diseases at bay. For instance after using the toilet washing hands with liquid soap is more than sufficient in removing micro-organism. Modern day has blessed us with varieties of soap right from a bar of soaps to liquid-based soaps. Hand Wash Soap Manufacturers have come up with various formulation to produce effective anti-bacterial soaps.


The main drawback while using hand sanitizers is, it does not work with too much dirt on hands. In that case, the only way in the situation would be using a good quality hand wash and water to remove germs.


When Sanitizers are Used Over Hand Wash


The ideal place to use hand sanitizers would be in hospitals where practitioners often come in contact with human fluids and there is a potential threat of transfer of germs from one person to another. So there is a need for the environment to be sterile in hospitals to protect the patients from communicable diseases. The practitioners need to keep themselves clean at all times of the day and this is the main reason they use alcohol-based sanitizers.


Another major area where people can use hand sanitizers are places where there is a scarcity of water. In water-scarce countries, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can play a vital role in the safe prevention of disease in people.


There have been facts about sanitizers that using too much can kill good bacteria and your immune system may be compromised. But there is no concrete study surrounding the claim. But regular use of hand sanitizers may cause dryness in hands due to the presence of alcohol.


Techniques to Wash Hands


The technique while washing hands is more important. People often tend to neglect while washing hands. Always use a good quality hand wash from Liquid Hand Wash Manufacturers. Wet your hands properly and take a good amount of hand wash, then rub in-between your hands and fingers for at least for 20 seconds. Then wash your hands thoroughly. This should be sufficient to suspend the germs from your hands.


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